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August 2021 Update: I am currently not accepting new clients. Please either check back in a few weeks, or if you'd like to be put on a waiting list- please email me at eprcounseling@gmail.com and be sure to tell me a bit about you and what you're looking to get out of counseling. I may have space and availability open up by the end of September. In the meantime, the online scheduling portal is turned off for new clients. Existing clients please use your regular log in to schedule! Thank you!


Counseling works. It really does. My clients are people who are curious about themselves and about how to improve their lives. They are people pleasers, young adults, older adults, professionals, nurses, doctors, stay at home parents, over achievers, college students, adventurers, people who think "they've got every body else fooled but really they aren't as together as people think" (their words, not mine!). They are people who have realized they are stuck in patterns that don’t work for them anymore or are struggling to get through something difficult in their life. Counseling is about having someone you can trust outside of the people in your life, without being judged, to help you gain new perspective, insight, tools, and even healing in your life. Adults usually come to see me because they are trying to work out issues like improving communication in relationships; sadness; stress and anxiety; dealing with life transitions (relationship changes, careers, grief, etc). The reasons for coming into counseling are many and I believe that everyone can benefit. Counseling is not just for the “mentally ill” or for “severe” issues. Nobody’s life is exempt from challenges, and counseling simply offers a healthy avenue to take on those challenges using your own strengths, and discover insights about yourself that will give you the momentum you need for healing and change. What I provide is the healing and non-judgmental space, combined with my professional knowledge, experience, and genuine empathy to guide you through this process. To me every client is unique, so I don’t just specialize in one type of counseling. I adapt and draw from many theoretical approaches according to the way you think, feel, and even simply what you want! Overall, I counsel using a very holistic, transpersonal, strengths based (wellness), and experiential approach.




Is Counseling Right for You?

I understand that deciding to get counseling AND finding the right counselor can be difficult. It is important to make sure your counselor understands your issues, knows how to address them, and most importantly, that you feel comfortable. In order to make this first step a little easier, I offer the first session free. I find that it is helpful for both me and you (the potential client) to have a relaxed, and non-stressful first meeting that lasts about 30 minutes. No commitment or fee, you just come in to my office, make yourself comfortable, and share with me a little about what’s going on and what you are looking for in counseling. You can also then get a feel for me, ask me questions about how I work, and decide if I’m the right counselor for you. If I am not, I will be happy to send you home with referrals of other professionals in the community whom I trust and might be more suited to what you need.

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