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How to get in touch…

If you've read through some of my website and feel like we'd be a good fit, feel free to go ahead and schedule an appointment to come in! Scheduling using the online client portal is the fastest way to get in, and the most convenient as you can pick out a time that works for you. More details below. 

If you have questions you'd like answered first, and didn't find them here, please feel free to email me at and tell me a little about you, what you're looking for in counseling, and what questions you might have for me.

I have shared my phone number with you here but please read below to see the fastest way to reach me by phone. I keep my phone on silent throughout the day due to sessions and I prefer to speak with potential clients myself instead of using an assistant to speak for me. In order to answer your questions as soon as possible for you, please read below. 


What's available to schedule:


1.    If you're looking for sliding scale plus really flexible option:

please check out my new Online Messaging Therapy Service.  Write with me back and forth as much as you want, whenever you want. It's like journaling- but if your journal was a therapist and wrote you back! 

(This is the only sliding scale option I have available at this moment). 

If you'd like to start this, please use the client portal and select any of the first available slots for your choice of the Write it Out Service (1 week/ 1 month/ 2 months).  (Please note- the actual time scheduled does not matter and does not represent a live appointment time. It merely begins your registration for the service). Please see the page Write it Out for more information on this service.

2.   Ready to jump in and start in person counseling?

Then go ahead and schedule a full session for Individual Counseling at a time that works for you. I have two session lengths available- 50 minutes (standard) and 80 minutes. ( FYI - I am not accepting new couples for couples counseling at this time). 

Go to the CLIENT LOGIN HERE and register as a New Client. It will ask you to input a credit card to reserve the slot. Don't worry, it doesn't charge it, and I can't see it, it's all handled through the HIPAA compliant secure server. 

3. Want to just meet and talk for a few minutes first? 

I am happy to do that, and I rather enjoy face to face consults over phone consults as it's easier to get a feel and see if you'd might be comfortable working with me. 

Go to the CLIENT LOGIN HERE and register as New Client and select the service for face to face initial consult.  (There is no charge for a consult. You just come in and meet with me for about 20 minutes at your selected time). 

4. Would you like to speak with me on the telephone before scheduling an appointment?

I'm the first to tell you I can be hard to reach on a whim as my phone is usually silent because of sessions. I am happy to speak with you though, again, the fastest way to do so is to schedule a consult time. I will call you at the selected time on the number you share. For basic questions though, email is usually faster. To schedule a phone consult select phone consult in the Client Login. 

Current Clients- Portal Questions

If you've forgotten your login and password, just email me and I'll send you the reset link! 

All intake paperwork is sent through the portal- which is my EMR- it is secure and HIPAA compliant. 

If you are using the Online Messaging service- it will send you an email when I've written you a message, and the link will take you directly to the messages without having to log in. Email me for any questions or issues with this. 



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