Anxiety Treatment

We are all born with a basic defense mechanism that is designed to help keep us safe in the world. As we grow, this part of our brain collects information pertaining to the rules of things. What we may have learned about being a decent human being, how to be successful, what you should look like, how you should talk, how to work, how to take care of others, so on and so forth.

Having a reminder from your brain that you shouldn't run into a busy street is helpful. Having your brain cause you to constantly worry about something is not.

Anxiety can show up in many forms, and can be triggered in different areas of your life. Regardless of how it shows up, it can be painful and debilitating.

You might be relying on your constantly thinking brain to make sure you get to work, accomplish goals, and to be a responsible person. But this part of you is not actually YOU. If you let this part of your brain do all of your thinking for you- it can become quite difficult to tell the difference between all of your self doubt, criticism, and worries, and your actual peaceful, confident, creative self.

Anxiety is probably one of the most frequent issues with which I help people. It is also one of my favorite- because the results are so tangible! Relief is real and very possible. By dealing with your anxiety, you also actually help improve many areas of your life- relationships, meaning in your life, energy, and simply getting a chance to feel happy.


Anxiety can look like:

Low Self Esteem

Difficulty in social situations

Constant worry



Panic attacks

Fear about the future

Difficulty getting over past mistakes

Obsessing over something

Self doubt

Difficulty taking tests

Difficulty making friends


Self defeating behaviors



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