Write it Out- Interactive Messaging Therapy

Writing for Insight- explore, grow and get help on your own time.

If you’re looking for support but for whatever reason, getting in for in person sessions is difficult, I am now offering an affordable solution!



Online Interactive Messaging Therapy:

How it works:

  • 1 week of back and forth messaging will be about equal to 1 live regular 50 minute session.
  • Using the secure messaging feature on my HIPAA compliant portal, you are welcome to write as often and as much as you’d like. Every day, any time.
  • I will respond to what you share, if not daily, at least several times throughout the week to the equivalent of one session.


Like journaling- if your journal was a therapist and it wrote you back!


Ready to start now? 


Log in to the client portal either as existing client or new client.

Select either the Write it Out- 1 week, 1 month, or 2 month service. (I offer a progressively increasing discount for length of time).

Right now, the system doesn’t allow you to just “purchase” a service, but you have to “schedule” it. So go ahead and pick the soonest time showing available. Your week will begin after I send you the Welcome confirmation and instructions. 



Right now, I have this listed as my sliding scale rate of $75/ week. (As of this date my in person sliding scale slots are full).

You should never feel pressured to continue counseling, but if you’re feeling positive about trying this out, I have discounted 1 month at $250 and 2 months at $450.

I might be biting off more than I can chew here as I will still be investing the same if not more time in my responses to you as I do for in person sessions (which are $110)! ***


The story behind offering this new service:

A few years ago I got curious about the new online therapy platforms like Talkspace. So I decided to try it out- both as a therapist who provided services for them, and as a client to see what it was like.

In theory I love the idea of being able to have a place to express your thoughts and feelings whenever the moment strikes, to share as much as you’d like, and to have a therapist’s support and guidance in response to what you share.

While nothing takes the place of in person counseling- as there is so much that happens even without words that is vital to the process- I saw in my experience first hand that some of the concepts offered by these platforms was actually beneficial.

However, my personal style of counseling, and the depth I like to reach with my clients didn’t quite fit inside of those parameters. As a therapist, I was only supposed to spend 5 minutes twice a day per client responding. That didn’t really cut it for me! And as a “client”, I got some lovely support, but no real helpful insight outside of just the therapeutic effect of writing stuff out itself.

Now I can take the best of both worlds- a secure platform for someone to share as often and as much as they would like, and apply my own standards for a real and in depth process with clients.



*** I take my license and the ethics of my profession seriously. I offer the discount as a means to make it more affordable, as well as maintaining consistency with clients. If at any time during your scheduled pre paid time you decide you no longer want to continue, I will refund you the remainder of the time you have left based on the weekly rate of $75. 

If either of us needs to hit the “pause” button on your service, we can do just that, just let me know, and we can resume when you’re ready with the remaining time. I will frequently check in on you, but without informing me of a need to pause, I can’t refund for time past. 


Emergency: If you or any other person are feeling suicidal or are in immediate crisis – don’t use this site or this service. These resources can provide you with immediate help worldwide.

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