Soul Sessions

I feel a profound gratitude and privilege in my role as therapist, as witness to so many wonderful people on their personal journey. It is truly amazing to watch each person’s insights unfold in their process of self discovery and healing. Honestly, words really can’t describe how incredible this is and what it means to me.


We are lucky to be in a town with so many incredible therapists, each finding areas and issues for which they are quite good at helping people. Personally, my practice has revealed to me my own strengths as evidence in witnessing the growth of my clients and of course my own joy in the process.

I advertise not a particular speciality, although it is helpful for people to categorize issues- for example, I’m pretty good at working with “anxiety” and helping individuals navigate their patterns in their relationships among other things. I don’t require a set program or length of time, as each person is unique. What I have found though, is that the truly amazing and transformative work happens with clients who stick it out awhile, deciding that their own self is a worthwhile investment- not just by investing financially in going to counseling, but to the actual process of engaging in curious self discovery and compassion.

Because this process often unfolds itself organically with clients who find me for various reasons and issues going on in their lives, I haven’t previously “advertised” specifically for those looking for this deeper work until now.

Some would call this deeper work and exploration- “soul” level work- or utilizing the concepts of Transpersonal Psychology- the field of psychology that integrates the human spiritual experience – mind-body-soul- into the process of growth and healing. Granted, it’s not necessary or a requirement for you to have any particular set of beliefs or any at all, to engage in deeper work, and as a therapist who stands strongly by our code of ethics, it is never in my interest (nor should any professional you see do so!) attempt to influence you so. I have enjoyed working with people on all spectrums of thought and belief, and will continue to work within each individual’s own personal paradigms.

Perhaps you’ve done other “work” on yourself and generally regard yourself as a healthy adult but something in you or that is going on in your life is nagging you to go deeper.

Anna Quindlen said “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

So what does that mean? What is “yourself”? Our field, as well as medical science, neuroscience and others are continuously discovering what goes into our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you? What are you deeply afraid of and why? What do you believe would make you happy? The more we learn, the more we discover what influences our lives. So how many of the thoughts that roam your head are truly you- or just fear based responses? What is your Self? What does it mean to be truly You?  To live authentically?

I believe our experiences and relationships are actually opportunities for us to learn about ourselves, heal and evolve. So much of what we do, think and feel are reactions to underlying fears both conscious and unconscious. The freedom that arises from self discovery and awareness (and of course learning how to feel and know our real feelings) can be amazing and open up doorways to better relationships- both with others and yourself– and to even end up being more authentically the “good” person you try hard to be.

Soul sessions. “Advanced” therapy. How is this different than regular individual therapy? It’s not, really. The process is mostly the same. We will also use really cool and helpful tools like the Enneagram and of course your emotional willingness to learn how to process and view your experiences as empowering. The difference is, this is Soul Work. The goal isn’t to improve some thing you need to be- a better parent, partner, whatever- the goal is unfold your true self, to truly be curious about life, to find joy, and to learn to live in the ease of all that you are, rather than the fears of what you are not.



If this resonates with you, please mention so and tell me a bit about you in your new client request email. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!


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