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We call it Bibliotherapy in our profession.

I will be continually updating this list with books I have found to be helpful for a variety of issues. If I've mentioned a book in session hopefully you will find a link for it here.  7fef9ea6660a98907dbefa23e62f394d


Individual / Self Work

People Pleasing, Emotional Sensitivity


This is a small book with a very deep, intense experience. I'm giving it a warning label. I recommend this often for certain people. "Gifted Child" meaning here is not referring to intellectual abilities and education. 






 Rick Hanson is easy to read. I really like his ideas and approach. He is currently a leading expert in brain science- aka- the neuroplasticity of our brain's resilience and how we have the ability to change old wiring (old thinking, patterns not serving us, etc). 




Excellent tools in this book. I use some of them in session. Even if you wouldn't initially identify with having a "self esteem" issue- it addresses the same causing problem- the Inner Critic. 


Imago Therapy


Excellent book!! I recommend this at any stage in your relationship. You also don't need to be in a relationship to read this and have it be very worthwhile. Feel free to check out other books by Harville Hendrix. (Please note- he has recently updated his research findings which have affected some of his tools- I would order books that have been printed in the last 5-10 years)




John Gottman





Books with useful tools to immediately apply and try:


This sounds simple and it is- but founded in really great research and principles related to our attachment styles, neuroscience, and how to create connection easily- but with a deep impact personally.







A definite read for those with a partner dealing with addiction. But it isn't necessarily just for them. The definition of codependence we might first think is simple to explain, and - "not me"- but the insights and relief you may find in this book could be amazingly helpful. 

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